Christmas Centerpieces, Combining Old And New Traditions

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Christmas Centerpieces And Traditions

Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas Centerpieces

The season of Christmas is about sharing with friends and family and celebrating with the ones we love. It brings us all together for a once a year special occassion. There’s no better way than to celebrate Christmas with a traditional Christmas dinner with Christmas centerpieces. Each year families and friends get together to enjoy each others company while gathering around the table and partake in delicious food. While most of the attention may be towards grandma’s famous apple or pecan pie and also. To be specific, one of the major traditions that pops out within our minds is the central focus of the table. Those are the Christmas Centerpieces.

Christmas centerpieces are the focal point of any table. It creates a beautiful display to evoke warm feelings of the season and represents Christmas spirit. Like the advent wreath,it is often decorated with items we most often associate with the season, such as pine cones, holly, poinsettias, lights, candles, bows and tree ornaments. Christmas centerpieces are an age old tradition and like most traditions we have at Christmas, each ingredients used to create these beautiful centerpieces has a meaning behind it.

Traditional Christmas Centerpieces

Traditional Christmas Centerpieces

The wreath, which is the most commonly used, is compromised of evergreen branches, most often pine, held together to form a circle. The circle has long been know to represent infinity, as also seen in the wedding band. In this case, the circular form can be used to represent never-ending joy, love and hope, the hallmarks of the Christmas season. The color or the wreath represents newness or re-birth. Traditionally, Christmas centerpieces were used as Advent calendars. Four candles would be lit each Sunday during the four weeks of Advent. The first candle being lit at the beginning of the season and the last candle being lit on Christmas Eve. The candles, in addition to represents Advent were also bearers of the goodwill of Christmas, symbolizing joy, love, hope and peace.

Pine Christmas Centerpieces

Pine Christmas Centerpieces

As many Christians traditions were formed, early Christians borrowed symbolic use of Druid customs and converted them to their own Christian representation. This is shown in the use of holly in these centerpieces. Early Christians believe that holly brought good luck to their home, though their pagan counterparts believed it was bad luck to cut down a holly tree, they did believe that holly symbolized eternal life and fertility. Holly berries are now associated with the blood of Christ and the crown of thorns on Jesus’ head are represented by the sharp, pointy leaves of the holly.  Two other common Christmas centerpiece adornments, the pine and poinsettia, are often said to depict Christ’s seeds of
faith and genuine love, respectively.

Candle Christmas Centerpieces

Candle Christmas Centerpieces

Whether your beliefs lie in the Christian meanings behind the Advent wreath or you merely want a warm, meaningful decoration,  Christmas centerpieces are destined to be the main attraction at your table this year. Creating such adornment  is bound to be a fun tradition your family will enjoy for years to come. This remarkable tradition is yet another reminder in this crazy world of ours, to bring some peace, love, hope and joy into your holiday traditions and while your guest are admiring your lovely centerpiece, you can dazzle them all with your immense knowledge of the roots of this beautiful Christmas symbol!

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